The ‘Flu vaccination

Influenza (‘flu) is a very nasty illness which gives the patient a very high temperature for five days with a hacking cough. It can be treated with a medication (Relenza, Tamiflu) provided it is commenced as soon as it is suspected or diagnosed. These medications can be hard to get as they have been stockpiled against Bird ‘Flu. Patients commonly get bacterial pneumonia after or during influenza so prevention with a vaccine is so much better than treatment. Please note: the ‘flu vaccination does NOT protect you from the common cold which is also very prevalent in the winter and autumn months.

This year (2017), if you are over 65 years of age, or a patient at special risk of adverse consequences of lower respiratory tract infection, we will be carrying stocks of the seasonal vaccine ‘flu supplied by the Queensland State Government. If you are not in that category, you should think about purchasing it. This year, we have it in stock for $13.00 per dose so there is no need to visit the pharmacy.

If you are coming in just for the ‘flu vaccination, please let the receptionist know this as this may reduce the time you have to wait to be seen.

If you have had a dose before, you only need one dose. If you have not, you should have two doses one month apart. Annual vaccines are required because the influenza virus keeps changing.

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