The Practice

This Practice provides:

  • Bulk Billing for age pension card holders with Dr Weerasinghe & Dr Win for existing patients only
  • All Primary medical care for all ages
  • Vaccinations & Child development checks
  • Routine health checks inc breast examination & Pap Smears, & Prostate examinations
  • Skin lesions - freezing/burning/excisions
  • Minor operations under local anesthetic
  • Extensive Patient Care
  • Family Care
  • After Care
  • Family Friendly Staff

The ethical code of this Practice is to provide continuity of care, informed consent, accurate scientifically proven health information, timely appointments, absolute confidentiality and follow up where necessary. In return, we also expect patients to be actively involved in their health care by:

  • returning to the Practice after any pathology tests that they may have
  • returning for follow up visits with any Xrays or other investigations that they may have
  • follow up visits if they are not getting better
  • attend Specialists promptly if referred (NB Specialists may charge more than the schedule fee so ask for a quote when making an appointment).

We also expect patients to

  • take full courses of medication and only ceasing regular medication after a consultation
  • cease smoking & moderately consume alcohol
  • perform some regular exercise

This Practice is actively involved with multiple external recall systems. If you want to opt out of these systems, please advise your doctor.

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