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Bulk Billing

We provide Bulk Billing for pension card holders with Dr Weerasinghe & Dr Win.

Medical Care

Our Family friendly staff provides all primary medical care for all ages including Extensive Patient Care, Family Care and After Care


We provide regular checkups for patients. This service provides vaccinations & child development checks. We also provide routine health checks including breast examination, Pap Smears and Prostate examinations.


We provide minor operations under local anaesthetic.


We provide treatments for all types of skin lesions which includes freezing, burning and excision.

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Latest News

Welcome Dr Anusari Weerasinghe

Lady Dr Anusari Weerasinghe starting this practice from Wednesday 24th January 2018. To make appointments please call 0738866888.

Welcome Dr Win!

We have finally been able to find a new doctor to replace Dr. Orr. His name is Dr. Win so please make him welcome!

Medicare Changes

Dear Patients, We need to warn you that from the 1st July 2015, the government has frozen Medicare rebates for the next three years so you will be having increasing gaps as the costs of providing our services will be increasing. For example, our rent automatically increases by 5% a year which is a standard […]

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