Consultations are usually by appointment, the appointments being made by telephone during the surgery hours. Please see the practice information pdf page for the surgery hours. (these hours may be subject to change in the future). Broken appointments attract a fee.

If you have more than one problem troubling you, please book a long appointment.

Home visits are only available for our Regular Patients of the Practice and are usually carried out between 12 PM and 2.30 PM.

Phone advice is only given if a consultation on that particular problem has occurred a few days previously.

This Practice is a private medical practice, and so the payment of all fees is the responsibility of the patient or his/her legal guardian (including Workers Compensation), as our responsibility must be primarily to the Patient and not to any outside Third Party who may wish to control your treatment. We believe that we charge very reasonable fees, and usually lower than the AMA recommended rate. We also give discounts to people on low incomes. Veteran Affairs patients have their treatment charged to the Department. A copy of the list of fees and charges is available from the reception desk. Costs have continued to rise, yet the Government only gives derisory increases (if any) to Medicare Refunds.

The Federal Member of Parliament to contact and complain is Watt Roy MP, P.O. Box 825, Unit 1- 260 Morayfield Road, Caboolture Qld 4510 Tel: (07) 5428 7755 Fax: (07) 5428 6800.However, please contact the receptionist if you have ANY difficulty in paying the gap between the Medicare Refund and our fees.

If you have a low income, it is worth applying for a Health Care Card, obtainable from the Centrelink-Department of Social Security, as you can also get cheaper medicines on prescription and discounts on blood tests and Xray fees.

Safety Nets: If you do not have a Health Care Card, and even if you do, do not forget to have your Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) prescriptions recorded by the Chemist. After a certain value of items per calendar year PER FAMILY, have been dispensed, they become free of charge to you as a safety net system. The Federal Government has made partial health insurance (50-85%) compulsory in the form of Medicare. It does not give refunds on preventative health care, except for tacit approval for vaccinations and Pap Smears. It is not a free insurance but is partly paid for by a small extra tax levy on your wages. Higher insurance (except for services provided in a private hospital) is not permitted by the Federal Government at the present time. However, the Medicare Refund does increase after a certain amount is spent on medical care refundable by Medicare as another safety net. It is PER FAMILY and per calendar year. We hope that none of our patients do have to spend that amount, but proof of it is required. We suggest that you pay all medical accounts first, before claiming a CASH refund, and so the Medicare computer will automatically add up your costs and increase your refund if you are are so unfortunate. If you think that you have been incorrectly charged, do not hesitate to check, as we believe that all patients should do this. (one of the reasons we do not "bulk-bill" Medicare)

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